Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Setup Sharing Mailbox on Microsoft Outlook 2003

Setup Sharing Mailbox on Microsoft Outlook 2003
(Step 1-8 is for user that will be use for sharing)

1. Right Click on Mailbox and then choose Properties

2. Choose Permissions tab

3. Add user that will be have permission to sharing, and then click OK.

4. Set permission to Publishing Editor, click OK
5. Do step 1-4 to all folder that need to be shared and include Sent items, outbox and etc
6. Go to Tools-Options- Delegates

7. Add the user same like step 3, Click Ok
8. Set permission that to be needed as requested, Click Ok after that.
( Note : Don’t check Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions)

9.Go to File- Open- Other User’s Folder (Setting on User will have view on)

10.Click on name, select user, then choose folder type that want to be shared, Click ok and finish

Good Luck and Happy Try :)

How to Configure of ActiveX Viewer for Crystal Reports

Configuration of ActiveX Viewer for Crystal Reports

A. Remove old ActiveX Viewer DLL files and registry entries

Step 1) Open your Internet Explorer -Tools - Internet Options.

Step 2) On the General Tab, click the Settings icon found in the Temporary Internet section. Click on the View Objects icon located in the lower right corner of the window.

Step 3) By clicking the View Objects icon, you will open a directory of files. Look for a file that contains the words Crystal Report Viewer. You might find Crystal Report Smart Viewer 7 or Crystal Report Smart Viewer 9. In any event, if you find a file with the words Crystal Report Viewer as part of the text, right click on the file and delete it. If it is not there continue with the next step.

Step 4) Close your Internet browser

Step 5) Go to the Start menu; click on Search; click on For Files and Folders; and click on All Files and Folders. Search for and delete the following files:

a. Crviewer.dll (or Crviewer9.dll if you are using Crystal Reports version 9)
b. Sviewhlp.dll
c. Swebrs.dll

Step 6) Go to the Start menu; click Run; type “regedit” in the Open: box; and click OK. The Registry Editor will be displayed.

Step 7) In the Registry Editor, on the Edit menu click Find; type “crviewer.dll” in dialogue box; and click the Find Next icon.

Step 8) If you find a registry key, delete it by right clicking on the file and selecting delete. Continue clicking Find Next until the computer finishes searching through the entire registry. (please note: files with the word “Default” in the name cannot be deleted).

Step 9) Repeat steps 6 to 8 for the files “Crviewer9.dll” (if you are using CR 9 or CE 9), “Sviewhlp.dll,” and “Swebrs.dll.”

B. Download and Install New ActiveX Viewer

Step 1) Open Internet Explorer. Attempt to view any report from the Reports menu. If you are prompted to install the new ActiveX Viewer, click Yes to install the viewer. Retry displaying any report.

If a report appears, congratulations – you have completed the process and do not need to proceed with the rest of these instructions. However, if the report does not appear, you will need to manually install the new ActiveX Viewer by proceeding to the next step.

Step 2) Download the attached file “” to your computer and extract its contents using winzip to a temporary folder.

Step 3) Move the files “Crviewer.dll” “Sviewhlp.dll” and “Swebrs.dll” to the c:\windows\System32 folder. Keep this folder visible.

Step 4) Go to the Start menu; click Run; and type “regsvr32” in the open dialogue box

Step 5) Drag and drop the Crviewer.dll file icon from the System32 folder onto the Run dialog box. Click OK.

Step 6) You should receive an acknowledgement that says “dll register server in c:\windows\system32\crveiwer.dll succeeded.”

Step 7) Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the files “Sviewhlp.dll,” and “Swebrs.dll.”

Or you can click on install CRViewer.bat to install the library

and your done!

this will help if you find trouble with some web page that using Crystal Report that wont show up.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Problem for Canon PowerShot S2 IS Digital Camera BLACK SCREEN

okay.. This week i got some serious problem with my friend S3 Powershot camera.. it has a blank LCD and Viewvinder..

so i googling up and find some answer for this problem.. finally.. its work and save me from wasting $100-$200 to repair my friend camera

here the help :

Can you not take pictures, or is it that a completely black image results if you do press the shutter button?

In the case where you get a black image, the following may be of help:

This is a common problem in older Canon S2 IS cameras, especially ones that have not been regularly used. What happens is that the lens iris gets stuck at a small aperture. Most often you can get function back. Here's how:

Turn the camera on in shooting mode.

Turn the mode selector to shutter priority ("Tv").

Use the four-way button on the back to set the shutter speed to 15 seconds. That's right, 15 seconds.

Press the shutter release. Count to seven, then pop open the battery compartment.

Wait several seconds, then close the battery compartment.

You may need to repeat the above sequence several times to unstick the iris. If that does not accomplish it, you will likely have to send the camera in for repair.

Once you have it working again, you should use the camera regularly to keep it from sticking again.

thx to welsberr