Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Setup Sharing Mailbox on Microsoft Outlook 2003

Setup Sharing Mailbox on Microsoft Outlook 2003
(Step 1-8 is for user that will be use for sharing)

1. Right Click on Mailbox and then choose Properties

2. Choose Permissions tab

3. Add user that will be have permission to sharing, and then click OK.

4. Set permission to Publishing Editor, click OK
5. Do step 1-4 to all folder that need to be shared and include Sent items, outbox and etc
6. Go to Tools-Options- Delegates

7. Add the user same like step 3, Click Ok
8. Set permission that to be needed as requested, Click Ok after that.
( Note : Don’t check Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions)

9.Go to File- Open- Other User’s Folder (Setting on User will have view on)

10.Click on name, select user, then choose folder type that want to be shared, Click ok and finish

Good Luck and Happy Try :)

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